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Founded in 2004 Shaoxing Longzhou Textile Imp Exp Co Ltd is located in paojiang industrial zone only 20km from china textile city the largest textiles center in Asia and 30 mins ride from Hangzhou 2 5 hours from shanghai pudong airport The company enjoys a good location and convenient transport With an occupied floor area of 12000sq meters the company has made great achievement in textiles through continuous inprovement in products and management the company enjoys import export power and it is capable of the production of 35million meters of textiles which are sold all over the world with an annual export value reaching 30million us dollars The company specially deals in satin item...

Categories and Products

Spandex Satin

Polyester Satin

Chiffon Fabric

Taffeta Fabric

Morocco Satin

Back Crepe Satin

Chiffon Satin

Heavy Satin

Ottoman Satin

Print Satin

Milan Satin

Double Sided Satin

Pongee Fabric

Diamond Satin


Products Keywords
Dull SatinMilan SatinPrint SatinHeavy SatinEmboss SatinSatin FabricChiffon SatinMorocco Satin1800 Twist PDPongee FabricWedding SatinDiamond SatinOttoman SatinSpandex SatinChiffon FabricTaffeta FabricPolyester SatinTerylene FabricFlocked ChiffonChiffon FoilingTwist Pd FabricSph Satin FabricChiffon PrintingBack Crepe SatinCrepe Back SatinChiffon Pd TwistPoly Satin FabricDiamond Satinwood100% Polyester PDDull Satin FabricDull Without TwistTerylene PolyesterMilan Satin FabricFalse Twist EmbossPrint Satin FabricDouble Sided SatinHeavy Satin FabricDull Spandex SatinLADY FASHION DRESSPolyester Satin PDRotary Print Satin100 Polyester SatinLight Spandex SatinDull SatinpolyesterPolyester Sph SatinEmboss Satin FabricPolyester Pd FabricPolyester Pongee Pd140-150G/M 300CM 1X1Polyester Taffeta PdSpandex Polyester PDDiamond Satin Fabric2800 Twist PD Fabric190T 70-75G/M 57/58"Morocco Satin FabricPolyester Spandex PDSatin Spandex FabricChiffon Satin FabricOttoman Satin FabricPolyester 1400 TwistBack Crepe PolyesterPolyester Pd SpandexPolyester Twist DullChiffon Foiling TwistPolyester Print SatinPlain Linen PolyesterSpandex Satin FoilingLinen Polyester LightDull Satin With TwistPolyester Heavy SatinSpandex Without TwistPolyester Milan SatinFalse Twist Polyester40-45 G/m 57/58" 1.5MTerylene Polyester PdPolyester Satin LightPolyester Emboss SatinFlocked Chiffon FabricBack Crepe PolyerstyerFalse Twist Yarn LightDull Spandex PolyesterPolyester Satin FabricChiffon Foiling FabricPolyester Bubble Satin100% Polyester Satin PDPolyester Pongee FabricBack Crepe Satin FabricPolyester Diamond SatinPolyester Back Crepe PdPolyester Chiffon SatinPolyester Spandex SatinPolyester Morocco SatinPattern Ironing FoilingPolyester Spandex NylonPolyester Ottoman SatinPolyester Digital PrintChiffon Pd Twist FabricChiffon Printing FabricPolyester Without TwistComposite Yarn Polyester100% Polyester PD FabricPolyester Jacquard Weave100%POLYESTER DULL SATINPolyester Chiffon FabricPolyester Taffeta FabricSatin Light Heavy FabricPattern Foiling One-sidePolyester Jacquard SatinSLEEPWEAR GARMENT FABRIC50D*75D+40D Emboss SatinDouble Sided Satin FabricDull Spandex Rotary SatinRotary Print Satin FabricLADY FASHION DRESS FABRICPolyester Flocked ChiffonPolyester Terylene FabricPolyester Chiffon FoilingFlocked Polyester Chiffon100%POLYESTER SATIN LIGHTDull Spandex PD Polyester2800 Twist Dyed Polyester1800 Twist Polyester Dyed50D*68D 140-150G/M Fabric75D*75D 150-160G/M 57/58"Pajama Satin Light FabricPolyester Sph Satin FabricCrepe Double Colors FabricSpandex Light Polyester PD100%Polyester Satin FabricPolyester Chiffon PrintingWoman Dress Garment FabricWomen Dress Garment FabricFalse Twist Yarn PolyesterGlass Fiber 100% Polyester75D*100D 130-140G/M 57/58"Woman Fashion Dress FabricBack Crepe Light PolyesterWomanFashion Dress Garment75D*100D 100-110G/M 57/58"Woman Fasion Dress GarmentSSY Eight Heddle Polyester75D*300D 300-310G/M 57/58"100%Polyester Spandex Satin100D*100D 120-130G/M FabricGarment Woman Fashion DressPolyester Twist Dull FabricSpandex Satin Without TwistPolyester Milan Light SatinGold Foiling Gilding FabricWoman Fashion Dress GarmentPolyester Double Side LightDull Twist Fully Drawn YarnWoman Dress Garments FabricPolyester Taffeta Pd FabricGarment Women Fashion DressBack Crepe Polyester FabricSpandex Polyester Pd FabricPolyester Milan Satin LightWoman Fasion Dresses GarmentSpandex With Twist PolyesterPolyester Half Spandex LightBark Wrinkle Crepe Polyester15D*15D+20D 90-100G/M 57/58"Polyester Satin Light FabricPolyester Glass Fiber FabricWithout Twist Dull PolyesterDull Polyester Without TwistPolyester Print Satin FabricPolyester Emboss Satin LightPolyester Double Sided SatinSpandex Satin Foiling FabricPolyester False Twist FabricPolyester Satin Emboss Rotary11% Polyester Satin PD Fabric100% Polyester Jacquard SatinPolyester Eight Heddle Fabric15D+15D*50D 120-130G/M FabricBack Crepe Polyester CrumpledDull Polyester DTY With TwistMatting Finshed SPH Polyester75D*75D+40D DULL SPANDEX SATINPolyester Morocco Satin FabricPolyester PD Primary Treatment75D*150D+40D 270-280G/M 57/58"Sleepwear Chiffon Satin FabricPolyester Ottoman Satin FabricWoman Fashion Dress Satin Slub108D*150D+40D DOUBLE SIDE SATINPolyester Back Crepe Laser PermGold Stamping Gilding Polyester50D*50D+20D LIGHT SPANDEX SATINEight Elastic Polyester SpandexPolyester Spandex Satin Foiling50D*75D 110-120G/M 57/58" FabricWoman Fashion Dress Emboss Satin50D*50D 120-130G/M 57/58" Fabric75Dx300D 250-260G/M 57/58 FabricWomen Dress Garment Satin Fabric100D*200D+40D Satin Light FabricPolyester Satin Dull Spandex FDYWomen Dress Wedding Satin Fabric75D*300D 320-330G/M 150CM FabricFive Heddle Polyester CEY Fabric100%POLYESTER SATIN LIGHT FABRIC150D*150D+40D Heavy Satin FabricWedding Dress Heavy Satin FabricPolyester Spandex Bamboo Elastic75D*300D 270-280G/M 57/58" Fabric75D*150D Customized Colors Fabric100%Polyester Light Satin Spandex100D*100D+40D Light Spandex Satin75D+200D 230-240G/M 57/58" FabricPolyester Chiffon Rotary Printing75D*100D 180-190G/M 57/58" Fabric75D*150D 270-280G/M 57/58" Fabric75D*75D 100-110G/M Chiffon FabricGarment Woman Fasion Dress Fabric75D*150D 210-220G/M 57/58" Fabric75D+40D*75D+40D 320-330G/M 57/58"Back Crepe Point Dyeing PolyesterGarment Women Fasion Dress Fabric75D*150D 250-260G/M 57/58" Fabric75D*150D 170-180G/M 57/58" FabricWomen Fasion Dress Garment FabricWoman Fasion Dress Garment FabricPAJAMA Woman Fashion Dress FabricWedding Woman Fasion Dress Garment100% Polyester Satin Without Twist75D*150D 1304-140G/M 44/45" FabricWomen Fashion Dress PAJAMA WeddingWoman Dress Garment Foiling FabricWomen Dress Garment Wedding FabricWoman Fasion Dress Wedding Garment100D*100D 105-115G/M 57/58" FabricWoman Dress Garment Chiffon FabricLight False Twist Polyester FabricWedding Woma Fashion Dress Garment180CEY 240-250G/M 57/58 Dull SatinWoman Fasion Dress Garment WeddingPolyester Satin Woman Dress Fabric100D*300D 270-280G/M 57/58" FabricWoman Dress Gaement Wedding FabricWomen Dress Garment Spandex FabricWoman Dress Garment Wedding FabricGarment Women Fashion Dress FabricGarment PAJAMA Woman Fashion DressWedding Dress Woman Fashion FabricSpandex Polyester PD Chiffon SatinWomen Fashion Dress Garment FabricWoman Fshion Dress Garment WeddingFlocked Polyester Satin CustomizedWedding Woman Fashion Dress GarmentWoman Fashion Dress Garment Wedding50D 50D+20D 110-120G/M 57/58 Fabric100% Polyester Chiffon Satin FabricWoman Fashion Dress Wedding GarmentWomen Fashion Dress Garment BeddingPolyester Satin Light Spandex Satin50D 50D+30D 150-160G/M 57/58 Fabric75D*75D+40D 180-190G/M 57/58 Fabric150D/96F DTY+40SP 290-300G/M 57/58"100D*100D+40D Spandex Satin FoilingWoman Fasion Dress Sleepwear FabricPolyester Emboss Satin Light FabricWoman Fashion Dress PAJAMA Sleepwear75D 150D 210-220G/M Back Crepe SatinWoman Dress Garment Sleepwear FabricWomen Dress Garment Back Crepe Satin50D*75D+40D CUSTOMIZED COLORS FABRIC50D*50D+20D;Customized Colors FabricChiffon Foiling 2800 Twist PolyesterWoman Dress Garment Back Crepe SatinSleepwear Woman Fashion Dress Fabric80D*80D SPH 150-160G/M 57/58" FabricPolyester Spandex Satin Light Fabric75D 300D 290-300G/M 57/58 Dull SatinGarment Woman Dress Dull Satin FabricJacquard Dull Polyester Without Twist75D*150D 230-240G/M 57/58" Dull SatinWomen Dress Dull Spandex Satin Fabric100D 300D 250-260G/M 57/58 Dull Satin75D 300D+150D 320-330G/M 57/58 Fabric75D*300D 290-300G/M 57/58" Dull SatinWoman Dress Garment Dull Satin Fabric75D*100D+40D Customized Colors Fabric75D*150D+40D 250-260G/M 57/58" FabricWoman Fasion Dress Garment Dull SatinWoman Dress Garment Chiffon PD Fabric75D*150D 160-170G/M 57/58" Dull SatinWOMAN FASHION DRESS DOUBLE SIDE SATIN75D*150D 57/58" 180-190G/M Satin Slub30D*30D 50-60G/M 57/58" Foiling FabricPolyester Spot Foiling Colofour FabricWomen Dress Garment Wedding Dull Satin70D+40D*220D 250-2620G/M 57/58" Fabric75D*300D+150D 310-320G/M 57/58" Fabric50D*150D*150D 270-280G/M 57/58" FabricWomen Dress Light Spandex Satin Fabric150D*150D+40D 270-280G/M 57/58" Fabric150D*150D+40D Customized Colors Fabric75D*150D 150-160G/M 57/58" Milan Satin108D*150D+40D 240-250G/M 57/58" FabricWoman Fashion Dress Satin Light FabricWomen Dress Garment Dull Spandex Satin50D*150D+150D 300-310G/M 57/58" Fabric100%Polyester Satin Light Heavy FabricWomen Dress Garment Wedding Milan Satin75D*150D 90-100G/M 57/58" Pongee Fabric75D*150D 44/45 Fabric Customized ColorsWoman Dresss Garment Dull Spandex Satin50D*50D 120-130G/M 57/58" Chiffon SatinWoman Dress Garment Dull Spandex FabricWoman Dress Garment Chiffon Satin Fabric75D*200D 190-200G/M 57/58" MOROCCO SATINWoman Dress Garment Ottoman Satin FabricWoman Fashion Dress Spandex Satin Fabric75D*75D 85-95G/M 57/58" Chiffon PD TwistWomen Dress Garment Wedding Satin Fabric75D*300D 270-280G/M 57/58" Wedding Satin75D*150D 190-200G/M 57/58" Morocco SatinWoman Fshion Dress Garment Morocco Satin100% Polyester Satin Double Colors Light100%POLYESTER SATIN LIGHT SPANDEX FABRIC75D*300D 180-190G/M 57/58" Wedding SatinWomen Dress Garment Ottoman Satin Fabric68D*300D 270-280G/M 60/61" Morocco SatinWoman Dress Garment Morocco Satin FabricGarment Woman Fasion Dress Wedding FabricWoman Fasion Dress Wedding Garment FabricWoman Dress Garment Wedding Pongee FabricWoman Dress Garment Chiffon Foling Fabric75D*75D 100-110G/M 57/58" Chiffon FoilingWoman Fashion Dress Spandex Satin FoilingWoman Fashion Dress Garment Chiffon Satin100D*300D 300-310G/M 57/58" Wedding SatinWoman Fasion Dress Garment Wedding PAJAMA100D*100D 120-130G/M 57/58" Chiffon Foling20D+26D*75D 190-200G/M 57/58" Satin FabricTwill Polyester Satin Pyrograph Customized75D*75D 110-120G/M 57/58" Chiffon PD TwistWoman Fashion Dress Garment Wedding FabricWoman Dress Garment Chiffon Foiling FabricColor Gilding Polyerster Customized FabricGarment Women Fashion Dress Wedding FabricCashmere Filament Printing Satin PolyesterWoman Dress Garment Flocked Chiffon FabricPolyester Satin Light Chiffon Satin FabricWithout Twist Dull Polyester Wedding SatinTwill Polyester Dobulesides Golden FoilingWomen Dress Garment Wedding Chiffon FabricWoman Fasion Dress Garment Sleepwear PAJAMA75D*75D 110-120G/M 57/58" Chiffon PD FabricWoman Fasion Dress Garment PAJAMA Sleepwear50D*50D+20D 140-150G/M 57/58" Chiffon Satin100D*100D 120-130G/M 57/58" Chiffon FoilingWoman Dress Garment Chiffon Printing Fabric75d*150d 220-230g/m 57/58" Back Crepe Satin75D*150D 190-200G/M 57/58" Back Crepe SatinGarment PAJAMA Sleepwear Woman Fasion Dress75D*150D 140-150G/M 44/45" Back Crepe Satin75D*200D SSY 280-290G/M 57/58" Satin Fabric100D*100D 120-130G/M 57/58" Flocked Chiffon80DDiamond Wire*150DFalse Twist Yarn*150DFDX20+26*20+26 100-110G/M 57/58" Chiffon FabricWoman Fashion Dress Bedding PAJAMA SleepwearFalse Twist 75D*150D 250-260G/M 57/58" Fabric100% Polyester Satin Emboss Rotary Customized75D*100D 130-140G/M 57/58" Rotary Print Satin75D*150D False Twsit 57/58" 230-240G/M FabricPolyester Four Side Elastic Spandex Double DeckDull Without Twist Polyester Draw-texturing YarnWrinkled Crepe Chiffon Rotary Printing Polyester50D*75D+40D 120-130G/M 57/58" Light Spandex Satin150D/84F Light FDY*150D/96F False Twist 375-385G/M75D/36F Light FDY*150D/96F+40DSP 230-240G/M Fabric
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